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Updates by Jurisdiction

U.S. Updates

For more information on incentives in each state, visit the Production Incentives map on our website and click on the state of interest.

Beginning January 1, 2019, several changes will be made to the guidelines for the Savannah Entertainment Production Incentive including, but not limited to:

  • The per project cap for feature films and TV pilots will be lowered from $150K to $100K
  • The minimum budget for feature films and TV pilots will be increased from $1.75M to $2M
  • The minimum budget for TV or internet-distributed episodic productions will be $5M per series
  • 50% of shooting days on all eligible productions must be within 60 miles of the City Hall of Savannah
  • A $25K bonus will be awarded to productions if 50% of crew listed on the final official and distributed Crew List are located within 60 miles of the City Hall of Savannah, and their main residence is in the state of Georgia.

Applications for the New Jersey Film Tax Credit Program became available as of December 17. Applicants will provide, through the program application and preliminary project budget, a detailed breakdown of the total film production expenses, post-production costs, and qualified film production expenses.

Projects seeking bonuses for expenses incurred in targeted counties or diversity plans, or seeking eligibility through provisions for reality shows, will be required to submit additional information on plans to achieve those requirements.

AB 10768, which extends the sunset date on the Empire State Commercial Production Tax Credit from January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2024, has been sent to the Governor for signature.

International Updates

For more information on incentives around the world, visit our website and click on the country of interest.

Estonia, Finland, and Latvia are considering offering a joint tax incentive to attract inward investment through international production into the three countries and give incoming producers a single point of entry. An independent analysis of the market possibilities in the region is expected to be published in 2019. (See Screen Daily)

EP Locations Spotlight

Entertainment Partners is a primary contributor to Variety‘s “Artisans” Feature, spotlighting various filming locations around the world. Here are the locations we have covered in recent weeks.

At the confluence of Berber, Arabian, and European cultural influences, the North African nation of Morocco boasts a long and sunny Atlantic coastline, the soaring and snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains, and legendary cities such as Fez and Marrakesh that offer urban landscapes suggestive of eras ranging from Biblical times to the modern age of Middle Eastern strife.

Morocco also happens to have a well-developed film making infrastructure – the result of decades of active film making in the country by producers who have used it as a substitute for less friendly Arab locations. That, plus a climate similar to that of Southern California and a 20% rebate have made Morocco the most film-friendly territory in its region.

To qualify for the rebate, projects must spend a minimum of 10M dirhams (approximately US$1M). The project cap is 18M dirhams (about US$1.8M). Productions must spend at least 18 work days in Morocco – a number that includes set-building. Eligible expenses are capped at 90% of total expenditure.

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