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Updates by Jurisdiction

U.S. Updates

For more information on incentives in each state, visit the Production Incentives map on our website and click on the state of interest.

The Utah Office of Administrative Rules made some minor changes to the state’s Motion Picture Incentive, including (but not limited to):

  • Allows for refundable tax credits in amounts over $2M to be paid in deferred payments over multiple years, not exceeding three years;
  • Lowers the per diem rates allowed to count as “spend” at 100%, rather than 120%;
  • Deletes a requirement that production start within 90 days of approval;
  • Adds Reality Television to the list of non-qualified productions;
  • Requires the motion picture company to provide proof of financing for 100% of the anticipated in-state spend (previously 75%)

International Updates

For more information on incentives around the world, visit our website and click on the country of interest.

The Australian Government released guidelines for the new Locations Incentive and is now accepting applications. The new program will provide $35M per year from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2023. The incentive will compliment and is additional to the existing 16.5% Location Offset tax rebate.

The Polish Government has approved a new draft bill offering a 30% cash rebate on qualifying film production expenses. The Polish Film Institute will have a 200M PLN (approx. $54M) budget to refund partial costs of film production in Poland. (See Film New Europe)

EPFS Locations Spotlight

EP Financial Solutions is a primary contributor to Variety‘s “Artisans” Feature, spotlighting various filming locations around the world. Here are the locations we have covered in recent weeks.

Filmmakers considering a tropical paradise for their next project often look to Fiji, an archipelago of more than 330 islands that boasts some of the world’s most beautiful coasts, lush forests, and remote jungle villages. In addition, the South Pacific nation, which is a major tourist destination with nonstop airline service to many major cities, offers an aggressive financial lure: a staggering 47% tax rebate.

The bar is not high to qualify for this sweet incentive. Feature film and TV productions are required to spend a minimum of FJ$250K Fijian dollars, or about US$188K. The project cap is FJ$28M Fijian dollars, or about US$13.3M.

Pennsylvania is firmly rooted in the American imagination as the nation’s birthplace. After all, Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The state also boasts a strong industrial tradition, centered on Pittsburgh and its steel industry, and a placid countryside of picturesque towns and traditional Amish population. In addition to these location goodies, Pennsylvania also offers filmmakers a transferrable tax credit of up to 30%.

Specifically, Pennsylvania’s program provides a 25% transferable tax credit for above-the-line and below-the-line work. In addition, it makes available a 5% bonus to producers who use qualified production facilities and meet minimum stage requirements.

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