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Happy New Year everyone! As we kick off the New Year, here are some resolutions to help producers/production executives with new projects in 2015.

Resolution 1: Apply for incentives before shooting. Break the habit of applying for an incentive last minute, or just after principal photography has commenced. A handful of states require an approved incentive application before shooting in the state, and it is also wise to determine if a state or country actually has money to allocate to your project before you commit your valuable resources and time to a specific location.

Resolution 2: Compare, compare, compare. This applies mainly to non-studio productions, but it is important for any project where production incentives is a primary consideration for location. At least compare the benefits of a couple other jurisdictions. Hire an accountant who has experience working in multiple incentive locations to help you with a budget comparison or contact us at EP Financial Solutions if you need preliminary and/or detailed guidance.

Resolution 3: Check out our interactive map for the latest changes regarding domestic and international incentives on a weekly basis. We will be modifying our interactive map on a daily basis for the latest changes. So keep a lookout.

Resolution 4: Take a couple minutes a day to do some deep breathing exercises. Daily meditation can only help you if you’re in this crazy business of monitoring and tracking the latest and greatest with production film incentives and financing!