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With its heart-quickening vistas and magnificent views, New Zealand is a prime location for savvy investors seeking to maximize the incentive on their next project.

Consider the production value of filming amid the daunting heights of the Southern Alps, or along the stunning shores of Lake Gunn. There’s also Auckland, with its magnificent Sky Tower and the beautiful Mission Bay Beach. For adventure sports lovers, skiing and bungee jumping in Queenstown beckon, while Christchurch features quaint parks. If mud pools and Maori culture are what your project needs, consider Rotorua. And of course there’s Wellington, the nation’s bustling capital city.

Besides coming to the nation for its spectacular locations, many filmmakers enjoy New Zealand’s baseline cash grant of 20% on qualified expenses. There’s the potential to bring that up to 25% on projects that are deemed to provide the country significant additional economic benefit. See More.