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Few locations on earth can match Ireland’s proverbial 40 shades of green. In addition to its restful hues, the island nation also boasts alluring lakes, rugged windswept coasts, small charming hamlets, rustic farmhouses of aged stone, hilltop castles and breathtaking expanses of wild scrubland.

Bustling and modern Dublin, Ireland’s capital, will be the largest English-speaking city in the European Union once Brexit is completed. It is home to some of Europe’s most advanced production expertise and resources – providing all the backup a producer needs to take advantage of the country’s generous tax credit, which can range from 32% up to 37%.

To qualify for the program, a project’s budget spend needs to be at least 250,000 euros, or approximately $280,000. The minimum eligible expenditure spend is 125,000 euros, or approximately $140,000. Read more.