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SB 5864, which would create a tax credit for the fees of TV writers and directors, provided the writer or director is a minority group member or a woman, has been sent to the governor.

A similar bill was vetoed by the governor in 2017.


The city of São Paolo’s film-TV agency, Spcine, has introduced cash rebates for international productions beginning in 2020. The cash rebate reimburses 20%-30% of the total amount spent by international productions filming in São Paulo.

The program is intended for foreign productions including, feature films (live action and animation) and TV series filmed totally or partially in the city. Projects must have a minimum local expenditure of R$2M (approx. $488K) and are capped at R$10M (approx. $2.4M).


The Panama film law is being modified to raise the country’s cash back rebate from 15% to 25% in the first quarter of 2020. The increase is currently awaiting final government approval but is expected to be passed in the coming weeks.

There will be a cap of $40M under the new incentive, and the minimum local qualifying spend for international producers will be reduced from $3M to $500K.


The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is now accepting applications for its production incentive, a cash rebate up to 30% of eligible spend. Productions must meet a minimum spend of 6M TL (approx. $1M) for feature films and 1M TL (approx. $170K) for documentaries and per episode of a TV series.

Applications are open throughout the year and foreign producers must partner with a Turkish co-producer or production-service provider. The application documents must be in Turkish.


Beginning January 1, 2020, the Republic of Uzbekistan will offer a 20% rebate to foreign film companies on productions shot in the territory.


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