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Updates by Jurisdiction


U.S. Updates

For more information on incentives in each state, visit the Production Incentives map on our website and click on the state of interest.


SB 1595, which extends the sunset date on the state’s film tax credit until January 1, 2027, has been enacted.

Canadian Jurisdiction Updates


Creative BC has announced a new pre-certification process titled, the “Process Enhancement for Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC) Applications”.

Beginning September 24, 2019, production companies will need to complete a simple online pre-certification registration form as a preliminary step in the PSTC application process.

There is no fee requirement at the time of pre-certification. The information collected through this form will be used for competitive insights, volume forecasting, and service preparation purposes. Each pre-certification form submitted will secure a registration number for the specific project and its applicant, which will be used in the full PSTC application on that project.

The full announcement is available on the Creative BC website, along with further details and FAQs about the new process.

International Updates

For more information on incentives around the world, visit our website and click on the country of interest.


Río Negro in southern Argentina has become the first province in the country to introduce a cash rebate for international productions after local legislators approved an incentives package. Film or TV producers that employ at least 30% of their cast or crew from the province will be eligible for a 15% cash rebate on national or international productions.

Variety Spotlight

Entertainment Partners is a primary contributor to Variety‘s “Artisans” Feature, spotlighting various filming locations around the world. Here are the locations we have covered in recent weeks.


Austria offers a deep pool of local talent and a grant of up to 25% on local spend. Austria’s grant ranges from 20% to 25%. The minimum eligible spend in the country is €400K (approximately $447K), and minimum total production costs are pegged at €4M (approximately $4.47M). Read more here.


Few places on Earth contain the natural majesty of Iceland. The Icelandic capital city of Reykjavik on Faxa Bay is a popular tourist destination that’s among the cleanest, greenest and safest cities in the world. Stunning architectural options include the iconic Hallgrimskirkja tower or the Harpa Concert Hall. Incentives include a 25% rebate on qualified expenses (a cultural test is required), with a sunset date of Dec. 31, 2021. If more than 80% of a project’s total cost is incurred in Iceland, the rebate is based on total production costs incurred in entire the European Economic Area. Read more here.


The Missouri city’s metropolitan area spills over into Kansas and features a wide range of location options. The largest farmers market in the Midwest bustles in the trendy River Market, while casino boats travel along the Missouri River and music wafts from the dimly lit jazz clubs of the Crossroads arts district. Also providing sweet music to producers: A 10% rebate on qualified spending, with no per-project cap. Read more here.


With its heart-quickening vistas and magnificent views, New Zealand is a prime location for savvy investors seeking to maximize the incentive on their next project. Besides coming to the nation for its spectacular locations, many filmmakers enjoy New Zealand’s baseline cash grant of 20% on qualified expenses. There’s the potential to bring that up to 25% on projects that are deemed to provide the country significant additional economic benefit. Read more here.

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