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With its close proximity to the nation’s capital and a wide diversity of filming locations, Maryland offers producers many enticements. The physical attractions range from the historic and picturesque Chesapeake Bay, scenic Appalachian Mountain landscapes, the U.S. Naval Academy with its marching cadets, the gritty yet gentrifying cityscapes of Baltimore, and the leafy suburbs around Washington, D.C. Even more important are the financial lures: a 25%-27% refundable tax credit.

Specifically, the incentive consists of a 25% refundable tax credit for film and an even more generous refundable tax credit of 27% for television. TV series, of course, when successful, often remain in place for years and continue to pump money into the local economy. Such has been the case with Netflix’s “House of Cards” and HBO’s “Veep,” both of which shot in the state. Read more.