Tax Credit Placement

Put your transferable tax credits to work.


  • Monetize transferable state tax credits for productions
  • Offer competitive rates
  • Identify buyers, coordinate the process of documentation, and facilitate the transfer of funds to complete the sale

You’ve earned tax credits for your production or business and need to monetize them to your advantage. We help you get the highest value for your tax credits, and can strengthen a production’s position with lenders if you need to secure financing.

As the industry leader in film tax credit placement, we’ve worked closely with all jurisdictions offering transferable film tax credits and have extensive experience managing transactions of every size and type, including commercial, film, television, and digital media tax credits.

Need to monetize a tax credit?

Looking to lower your tax burden?

Special offers for eligible projects when placing tax credits and using other incentive services

For more information on Tax Credit Placement, please contact:

Melissa Wiseman | 615.920.5847