New York


Eligible Production Types

  • Feature Films
  • Scripted Television
  • Reality Television
  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Video Games
  • Webisodes
  • Talk Shows
  • Game Shows
  • Live Events
  • Commercials

Location Production Needs

  • Rural
  • Suburban
  • Snow
  • Tropical
  • Beaches/Ocean
  • Mountains
  • Lakes/Rivers
  • Deserts
  • Forests
  • City

Administrative Guidance


Innovation Group of CNY Arts, LLC

421 Montgomery St, 11th Floor

Syracuse, NY 13202



Project Criteria

$1M or 20% of total budget (theatrical); $500K or 50% of total budget (non-theatrical)

Qualified Spend

Eligible production costs generally include Below the Line costs, such as technical and crew production costs, such as expenditures for film production facilities, or any part thereof, props, makeup, wardrobe, film processing, camera, sound recording, set construction, lighting, shooting, editing and meals.To be considered qualified for the incentive fund, all costs shall be from the Central New York Region. 

For Non-Labor, this is defined as an expense incurred from a business, company, organization, or individual physically located in Central New York with a CNY mailing address and has a business entity registered with New York State for tax-filing purposes.

Qualified labor expenses shall be those incurred from the hiring and/or employment of Central New York residents. Residents must have a home address located in the Central New York region in order to be considered qualified.

Additional Considerations

The Innovation Group of CNY Art’s contribution will be advanced at the following stages and on the receipt of all the required documents specified in the agreement:

• 50% on the completion of principal photography.

• 25% upon commencement of post-production.

• 15% upon completion of film to include credit mention of “Greater Syracuse Film Office”

• 10% upon submitting evidence that the film has been marketed for distribution.

Funding availability is not guaranteed and can only be provided to approved recipients on a first-come-first-serve basis. Contact for more information.