Advisory and Consulting Services

Where the industry turns for expert advice.

  • Explore various location options
  • Provide consulting services and discuss jurisdiction options based on script requirements, budget, and the latest incentive legislation
  • Provide comprehensive knowledge of production incentive requirements, both in the U.S. and internationally
  • Track and monitor global incentive updates, including legislative and regulatory analysis
  • Advise on production setup considerations (insurance, payroll, banking, chain of title, unions/guilds etc)

Why leave things to chance?

Now you’ve worked hard to secure production incentives, so don’t put them in jeopardy. Once you’ve locked in your incentives, let EP manage your payroll to track and capture your eligible expenditures.

No one else has the depth of knowledge and breadth of services to help manage your project from start to finish with a single point of contact.

EP brings together unprecedented knowledge, efficiency, and time and cost savings to productions so you can make smarter decisions.

Production Incentive knowledge you can use

For more information on Production Incentive Advisory and Consulting services, please contact: | 818.955.6050