Production Incentive Administration

Precise Analytics. Meticulous Tracking.

  • Handle the incentive application process, including follow-up, additional filings, and document submissions
  • Provide incentive value analysis and opinion letters
  • Monitor cost ledgers and other elements throughout production to safeguard continued qualification and to maximize the incentive
  • Assist in all communications with regulatory authorities
  • Maximize production incentives through the use of local payroll offices
  • Provide full-suite production administration services for Canadian productions through EP Canada

We work with the jurisdiction, lender, and investors, and furnish the required data and documentation to make sure you get the most from your incentive. We have the tools – the processing, analytical and reporting capabilities – to do it for you accurately

Get the most from your incentive today

For more information on Production Incentive Administration, please contact: | 818.955.6050