About EP Production Incentive Services

Expertise. Execution. Commitment.

More productions turn to EP to secure and maximize their tax incentives because we have the industry’s largest, most experienced team and relationships with film offices in every state and major international jurisdiction. Our leaders have held executive positions at major studios, so we’ve spent a lot of time on our clients’ side of the desk.

We’ve assisted productions all over the world — with total expenditures exceeding $6.5 billion. Through our vast network of film production clientele, Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals, we match buyers and sellers of transferable tax credits and negotiate transactions at the best price, terms and conditions.

We also monetize tax incentives and convert them into the funds that productions need to get started quickly, and always ensure all qualified expenditures are captured for maximum benefit.

No one is more engaged at every step and committed to their clients’ success than Entertainment Partners

Meet Our Team

Wendy Black
Vice President of Operations

Production Incentives Operations

Wendy Black has a career in the entertainment industry that spans two decades. She has an in-depth knowledge of production incentives, pre-production and post-accounting services, the guilds, budgeting and payroll, and banking and union agreements, as well as participations and residuals. As a former client, she understands how EP’s vast offerings of products and services feed into these processes.

Prior to EP, she was SVP of Production Finance for Studio 8 Worldwide. Prior to that, she was VP of Production Finance at GK Films. Wendy began her career at Miramax Films as a Production Finance Executive.

John Hadity
Executive Vice President

Tax Credit and Minimum Guarantee Financing

John Hadity is known throughout the industry as an expert on film finance. He has over 20 years of studio experience and ran his own consultancy firm that specialized in risk management and production finance. During his 12 years at Miramax, John oversaw a portfolio of production budgets valued in excess of $4 billion.

He has also worked closely with government policymakers throughout the U.S. and Canada to incentivize production in those jurisdictions. John is the Chairman Emeritus of the Producers Guild of America East, and has served on the MPAA’s Worldwide Production and International Tax Committees.

Joseph D. Chianese
Executive Vice President

Production Incentive Consulting

Joe Chianese is regarded as an expert in his field, advising clients as well as legislators, and state and foreign film offices on structuring tax incentives programs. Joe’s 30 years of accounting, tax and production experience include positions at Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, and Ernst & Young.

Throughout his career, he has been responsible for the tax, finance, and production structures of film and television productions in excess of $5 billion. In addition he has consulted and/or handled the production incentive administration for over 3,000 film and television projects. Joe has served on the MPAA’s Worldwide Production and International Tax Committees.

Melissa Wiseman
Tax Credit Placement & Incentives Director

Tax Credit Placement

Melissa Wiseman brings over ten years of production accounting experience to her role at Entertainment Partners. She has worked for several major studios, including Summit Entertainment, Fox Television Studios, Inferno Entertainment, Disney ABC Networks, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney Studios. Throughout her career, Melissa has worked in all major production incentive states, gaining knowledge in the top filming locations in the U.S.

Scott Brant
Production Incentives Manager

Production Incentive Administration 

Scott Brant manages Production Incentives Administration at Entertainment Partners.
He has worked on projects with incentives submissions in a number of locales including California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico. Before joining EP, Scott worked in production accounting on numerous studio and independent features.

JonDaniel Cornett
Production Incentives Manager

Production Incentive Advisory and Consulting

JonDaniel Cornett provides research and data analysis on production incentives around the world. He tracks and monitors legislative and regulatory changes to production incentive programs, providing updates in EP’s monthly Production Incentives Newsletter. He also manages and updates EP’s production incentives website. Prior to joining Entertainment Partners, JonDaniel worked in journalism for media outlets in Texas and New Mexico.