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This is the last full day I will be at Sundance 2015. Here’s a quick recap since arriving here last Thursday.

First, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that one of the movies we provided tax credit placement and administration services for – What Happened, Miss Simone? – premiered as the Opening Night documentary at Sundance 2015! It was another successful Sundance experience for EP Financial Solutions and Entertainment Partners as we organized and participated in three separate panels and one webinar, covering various topics, including financing for independent producers, film incentives, accounting and tax issues. We also premiered our all-new websites: and!

We welcomed hundreds of visitors at our two EP sponsored lounges, the AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International) Lounge and the New York Lounge. To cap off our last major event, we had a packed lounge for our annual EP Sundance party last night at the New York Lounge, featuring musical acts from up-and-coming talented performers and bands. Between all our events, we also met many producers, clients, and filmmakers at parties and events held at locations on Main Street and outside downtown Park City.

Probably the best surprise of this year’s Sundance was the great weather, but definitely looking forward to the California sunshine tomorrow and my own bed! Miss my doggies too!!

Make sure to check out our news and events section for more information regarding our Sundance webinar and photos/videos from our various events.